QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE (QSV) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on women and girls education, social welfare and more.  It does not exclude families and males. In fact the organization has held several programs and events over the years pre nonprofit and after our ruling year of 2013 catering to families benefiting everyone whom participated. Continue reading “QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE and the Talibes”

Micro Finance Our Way Loan

International volunteer Merilyn interview with Ndeye Khardiata Ndeye is a mother of many, and highly business minded woman. She has been running her business from a very tender age (before marriage) and does not remember her exact age. She says entrepreneurship runs in her blood. She has a passion for action. Ndeye orders clothes inContinue reading “Micro Finance Our Way Loan”

QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE awarded 2019 Platinum Seal of Transparency by GuideStar

News, Press May 6, 2019 On May 6, 2019 GUIDESTAR congratulated QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE on earning the highest Seal of Transparency at the PLATINUM Participation Level.  This is GuideStar’s newest and highest level of recognition. Seal of Transparency. The highly-respected MFTransparency is awarded to the providers of micro-finance who become transparent in their product pricing. GuideStar USA,Continue reading “QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE awarded 2019 Platinum Seal of Transparency by GuideStar”