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International volunteer Merilyn interview with Ndeye Khardiata

Ndeye is a mother of many, and highly business minded woman. She has been running her business from a very tender age (before marriage) and does not remember her exact age. She says entrepreneurship runs in her blood. She has a passion for action. Ndeye orders clothes in to sell and has a tailoring business where she has hired tailors working. She also has a wide variety of shoes and hand bags that she orders in to sell. 

Ndeye believes in empowering other women by inspiring them with her life. She says that other women should feel like they can also run a business through her example. She also wants to be better than other tailors on the market by providing quality work. She says her customers are always happy with their products and this is a plus for her. 

In five years’ time, Ndeye sees her business running not from her home or spare bedroom, but in a shop. She also envisions traveling to order in products from other countries like Dubai. She has big dreams and believes a loan from QSV will help her achieve this. Additionally, she envisions her business running in a shop so that she can be able to employ more youths that are unemployed and looking for a means to make a living. Ndeye is a tailor and has trained all her tailors, and wants to train even more young motivated youths.   

Ndeye also believes she will be able to pay back the loan little by little because her business provides a steady revenue. 

Mariama Ba, fully recommends Ndeye as a candidate that can be well trusted for this loan. Mariama has been Ndeye’s faithful client for many years now, and fully vouches for her. Below are several more pictures of Ndeye’s business.

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