Return to Glory A Travel Guide for African Americans Returning to Roots

The book is a mini history of Author Queen Sheba D Cisse’s life, her story of  humble beginnings from Alabama to across the Atlantic ocean where she initially was invited and was introduced to a Door of Return pilgrimage. This invitation played a critical role opening up opportunities and prayers answered and dreams ripening true to this very day. After several of her trips family, friends and strangers continued to ask her “what’s it like there”? which motivated her to pick up a pencil to write her first book.


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“Read carefully, and follow the tale of a 5-year-old girl in Mobile, Ala., who dreams
of Africa and eventually follows her heart there.

She finds people who “are very friendly, hospitable and welcoming. Whether you
are Muslim or Christian, all share and live amongst one another harmoniously
and war-free. I find that very attractive.”

In Senegal, the author has found her spiritual home, and her advice to fellow
travelers, “Remain true to self – interested, interesting and unique,” has helped
her find her way”.  – Linda Tufano, USA Today

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Reviews I look forward to visiting Senegal after reading this book

This book is a fun read, and very informative about the country. If any one plan to visit Senegal I recommend that you get this book. I enjoyed reading this book.

Neferititi Baadiyah

A Great Read with beautiful personal touches

Return to Glory was a great read – informative, thoughtful, and filled with color photos and personal descriptions of the country of Senegal, including recipes for popular dishes from Senegalese cuisine. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and recommend it highly!

Amazon Customer

A Glorious Return for Mother Africa Queen Sheba

“This is an important story because we can all learn from how Queen Sheba D. Cisse’s work continues to help bring about change. This selfless woman dedicates her life to achieve what many others complain about being impossible and useless. I was inspired, uplifted and greatly touched by, not just her adventure, but that of all the African women and men who played a part in embracing and nourishing her . A remarkable and unforgettable book–one of the best books I’ve read this year.”

Amazon Customer

A Travel of Inspiration!

It’s been ages since i picked up a book to browse but to actually take the time to read requires my attention, “By reading Return To Glory, we become hopeful and confident that the courage and hard work of Miss Queen Sheba D. Cisse inspires others to travel anywhere in this world and contributes his or her time, talents and skills and change the world into a better place. ”

Amazon Customer

About the Author

Queen Sheba D Cisse has collaborated on several story articles written about her life , including The QSV Story by Professor Tara Tappert, a featured interview in Women of Distinction magazine and with Author Janette Grant of the Houston Examiner to name a few. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Strayer University with a minor in International Marketing in the nation’s capital Washington, DC. She lives on two continents mentoring youth in the Metro DC/MD/VA area and operating and serving disadvantage women and families in Senegal, West Africa.

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