Real Volunteering Testimonials

Meet our International Volunteers!

Also directed by Queen Sheba , these wonderful community members work often In line with our mission and vision, supporting likeminded ngos, associations, etc worldwide. We are fortunate some*** of them continue with us today from time to time offering their skills and expertise to continue to strengthen our causes online and onsite in USA and Senegal. We decided to share the fact that there’s a great face behind a grand Volunteer!

Youssou Gueye *** 5 star- Senegal

I dedicate my time of love and the gift of music to Foundation Queen Sheba Village. I have been a member of QSV Senegal for several years and devoted to the concern of their causes to the Senegalese people. The African women, the youth and the Talibes (orphans) are a concentration to all of us and we perform our volunteering best to make a difference. We celebrate Queen Sheba Village everyday and what a privilege honor to know and work beside Mama Africa Queen Sheba Cisse. “Stay Alive Mummy”!

Lamine M Thioune *** 5 star – Senegal

I am happy to work for the foundation because Mum Cisse do a good thing for and by the people of Senegal. She do what many natives here with money don’t think to do. I wish her to have continued success to programs and projects here she create for her Senegalese villages. QSV forever!

Sara Silva ***5 star – USA

Amazing Organization creating positive change

So grateful to be apart of the global volunteer crew supporting Queen Sheba Village, Inc. The CEO of the organization has a heart of gold and has created an amazing organization that is creating positive change and prosperity for the lives of many and for the future of Senegal.

Nguyen Yen Linh *5 star – Vietnam

Best team of the world

I am volunteering at QSVs, this is the first non-profit organization in which I participate. I worked with Cisse Queen, she is an amazing woman and help me a lot. To be a part of QSVs make me feel proud of myself.

Aline Jakubowicz *5 star – lsrael

Great experience

I loved volunteering for QSV and helping them with creating images they can post on their social media. Working directly with Queen was amazing, she is a lovely person and was super responsive to all my questions. I wish QSV good luck for the future and that they will help as many women and children in Senegal as possible.

Kathy Padilla *5 star – Philappines

Grateful for the opportunity

Due to the Pandemic, I’ve only been able to volunteer online, and having QSV as my first organization is a wonderful experience! Working directly with Queen is amazing – she is a great communicator and very sympathetic. She is very inspiring and with her at the helm, I believe QSV will be able to reach and touch many more lives with their advocacies. I definitely recommend working with them!

Ashu Abey Samuel ***5 star – Cameroon

Unique Commitment!

QSV represents unparalleled dedication to giving meaning to the lives of others. With the leadership proficiency and caring nature of Mum Cisse Queen, coupled with amazing people, QSV is undoubtedly the driving force that has kept hopes afloat. I am blessed to have volunteered at QSV and will gladly do so over and over again!

Stephanie Trimcheska *5 star – United Kingdom

Beautiful experience!!!

First time volunteering for Queen Sheba Village and it was such an amazing experience! I was creating an online presentation. I loved that Mama Cisse was specific with the requirements and their expectations regarding my work. Also, I was provided with all of the resources I needed to gather the information. She was constantly giving me feedback and keeping in touch with me, which made everything much easier and simple! Knowing the purpose of Queen Sheba Village, makes me feel very proud by being able to contribute to their goals! Looking forward to working together again!

Jasmine Grace Fortaleza *5 star – Philippines

Online Volunteer

Currently doing a project with QSV and their heart is so pure! Loved working with them. Definitely a blessing!

Bianca Elena Alexe *5 star – Romania

Incredible people!

I have worked with Queen Sheba Cisse and and she is an angel!! This is an amazing organization that helps a lot of people! Definitely going to collaborate more! God bless these people!

Dana Garcia *5 star – Philippines

Great Non profit Organization!

Queen Sheba Village is lead by a great leader Empress Cisse! I volunteered with the organization through online and as I worked with her, I can really tell how passionate she is on helping children and women who are in need. I stand with you! Long live Queen Sheba Village!

Melisa Davies *5 star – California, USA

Great cause, great people!

I have been volunteering with Queen Sheba Village to help with their social media postings. Working with Sheba to enhance the organization’s online presence has been a great experience. She is a wonderful communicator and inspiring leader! I highly recommend working with and contributing to Queen Sheba Village!

M Mousthapha Thiam ***5 star – Senegal

A Foundation that many Africans countries would love to have is QSV!!!

I am proud to be a volunteer at this much needed Nonprofit organization. Volunteering for me is the chance i get to learn and increase my knowledge of what a organization is. I have seen with my own eyes the importance of QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE is to the people. Frankly we need a QSV in every village in Senegal because the need is great. There are so many people suffering. QSV fundraises and that is a skill many educated locals need to learn including myself. Unfortunately many natives here are poor. I volunteer my coordinating and recruiting services and this is just one skill i have learned to do since I have joined the villagers and offer additional roles as I am trained along the way. Volunteering for a organization I believe is awesome. The programs and events we have completed is wonderful and I would like to increase the efforts to give and perform more to assist the needy which there are a huge number of. Apply to QSV and help us continue to aide humanity!

Sohkna Aishatou ***5 star – Senegal

QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE, True to dedication and service .

I have been a volunteer before now to this Maryland state USA nonprofit exclusively for women, girls and children. I continue to aide now and in the future and plan to help establish and organize chapters in neighboring nearby countries which there are many that have requested our services. Please visit the site of QSV to see where you can offer your talent and skills and travel to Senegal or simply volunteer from the comfort of your own home. QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE is inspiring in so many ways and I am proud to be a volunteer and team player!

Cheikh Nuwrdiyn DuBose *5 star – District of Columbia, USA

QSV #1

I have worked and volunteered with Queen Sheba Village organization in the Maryland, North America several years to date. I work in the fundraising department and in general spreading awareness of the activities we are currently involved in past, present and the future.

Come and share the love and support of Queen Mother Cisse and our mission for she is a leader or humanity as well as President of the organization. We too admire the vision. In time with the continued help of God to aquire land and gold wealth in Africa for QSV is my personal contribution and focus that will help as many deserving people as possible. Come support me in supporting QSV because it is my number 1 charity and yea we are already making a difference! Visit http://www.queenshebavillage,org and contribute a donation no matter how big or small because it goes a long way back to Senegal to poor people. Thank you!

Abigail Du Bois ***5 star Metro DC/ Maryland, USA

The best Nonprofit Foundation ever!

I have been a fan of QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE from the start. I was asked to volunteer to QSV’s causes and I am so very happy I did. The Founder Madame Cisse is dedicated to the task of setting up operations abroad and this is very inspiring in itself. The team members are very helpful and we all work as a team! The causes i participate in is all of them really because all are important to women and girls development.

The fundraising is vitally important and I have added this to the top of my priorities being that we need tons of funds to multitask our many projects and programs. With QSV they can ” count Me In” because all that is said We continue to do and have done. With so far to go, I am thrilled that I can volunteer remotely as well. QSV is a foundation(organization) I am happy to call home. I hope you join us and experience the caregiving and caregivers of this organization.

Mame Diarra Thiam ***5 star – Senegal

Happy and grateful to be a Volunteering Team Member!

QSV aiding humanity organization is full of promise. It brings hope to many villages in Senegal that are remote and hard to access. I get a chance to increase my culinary cooking skills, learn the advantages of Fundraising and gain knowledge about organizations and NGOs in Africa. I am looking forward to attend to the Social Center for women and girls to participate in learning new subjects that can advance my education in the near future. I thank Queen Sheba Village for the opportunities available to me.

Merilynda Phiri *3 star – Senegal

QSV online volunteer experience

Queen Sheba Village is a reputable organization that truly leads by action and not just talk. The founder Mom Cisse is an amazing mother figure, easy to work with and straight to the point. Its a wonderful place to work to gain personal growth as well as to contribute to Senegalese community.

 Norman Yau, California, USA

“I am passionate about empowerment because everyone should have choices and resources to succeed. This is especially true in developing areas such as Senegal where women’s rights are in the shadows.

I joined QSV in 2018 as a pro-bono consultant to develop a budget and a financial plan. My goal is to apply what I learned in the corporate world to make an impact in non-profits. I want to leverage numbers and metrics to tell a story, and help the public become aware of the situation of women in Senegal.

Aside from QSV, I am a Finance Professional in San Francisco with over 6 years of experience in providing strategic financial insights to Leadership Teams of both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Now I apply my professional experience to scale non-profits that focuses on promoting economic development”. 

Sakinah Muhammad ***5 star – New York, USA

Help us to help humanity.

Sister Queen Sheba conceptualized this organization to help empower children and to inspire people to grow. She is effectively doing the humanitarian work that she envisioned from her youth as a teenager. Currently, her volunteering team are in connection with key individuals and organizations; together we are building our education/social centre in Senegal, West Africa.

It has been divine fate that has propelled us together at this time to fulfill this great task of Queen Sheba Village. Be sure to volunteer and/make a donation to Queen Sheba Village. As a very young woman she has been building community, empowering women, children and families. Her vision is now an expanded cause for humanity. Working tirelessly for over 4 decades for The People, we ask that you support her cause, a destined powerful mission to aid humanity.

Baadiyah Carrier *5 star – California, USA

An amazing organization

Queen Sheba Village organization is wonderful I love working there with and being with children is absolutely amazing with my background of childcare I find what they do in the organization is amazing they provide education, medicine, clothes and food to the women and children….I am grateful to be a part of this organization.

Michelle Alviana *5 star – Indonesia

Online Volunteer (Graphic Design)

I’ve been entrusted to redesign some of QSV design materials through GivingWay as an Online Volunteer. Queen Sheba Cisse is a person with goal in mind; she is very enthusiastic in whatever she is doing in QSV. Though I only worked with her for a few weeks, I really impressed by her work ethic; she is not afraid to exchange some of her design ideas and is eager to learn more about it. Good luck in your future endeavor, QSV!

Mame Diarra M ***5 star – Senegal

I am a volunteering member and serve as a Event Planner and assistant for QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE since February 2017. What I especially enjoy is the social education of meeting many people from different countries and backgrounds. The diversity is good for someone my age because I learn how the founder Queen Sheba D Cisse teaches us many different aspects of her culture incorporated into Senegalese traditions while also serving and managing guests. I learn something new everyday volunteering with the QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE organization.

Fatou Diop ***5 star – Senegal

My name is Fatou Diop, a student and a reporter I’m used to work with NGOs but this one will be another New experience in my life. For the first time I volunteer to make a promotional video as a journalist. Working with non profit organisations helped me develope a sensce of humanity and giving back. I have been doing lots of activities but with NGOs I feel more useful to my community, I go out meet them, talk to them and then serve them. Being in contact with my people help me understand my role as a citizen and in my work as a journalist I should raise awareness. My work mentioned above is the opportunities I bring to the table at QSV, Inc.

For additional Star Volunteers we welcome you to visit Queen Sheba Village Great Nonprofits.

Published by Queen Sheba

I am mother to many globally including my own five children and I have a passion to aide and serve the public, a intense speaker, a writer as well as a lover of the arts. I am also the Founder of nonprofit organization Queen Sheba Village, Inc in Maryland, USA operating in Senegal, West Africa to promote educational empowerment to impoverished women, girls and children at large to support their families to independent sustainability.