Micro Credit for Women

Micro Finance Women ~ Anta’s Coffieur Salon

QSV focuses on the well being of women and children in rural Senegal, West Africa. Our education, health, and business-building programs help impoverished women become financially independent. We seek to create conditions where small villages are modernized, economically stable and better connected to Greater Senegal.

As part of our mission of empowerment for the women of Senegal we use the continuing development of our QSV business as a role model and as a source of encouragement for women who wish to create businesses of their own. We initiated this project in Kaolack in 2013 and we hope to advance and expand it via our training and workshop classes which will continue at our Women and girls empowerment education center in the near future in Mbour, Senegal.

We will continue raising funds for educational workshops that will be taught at our future Women Empowerment Educational Social Center which will include Micro Credit program training to assist women in the development of sustainable, village-based businesses that support their families.

Our Success

Women who have participated in our program emerge as role model leaders and inspire other women to the point that many are awaiting the same opportunity from a Micro Our Way loan with QSV. The women now have strength and confidence in themselves to take their business to a higher level and hire others thus expanding to open up a boutique of their very own.

To date we are happy to announce a total of 25 women have started and maintained their start-ups in which 10 of these ladies employ others. Awesome!

Penda Gueye speaks about Micro Loan opportunity.

“Motivation Inspires! Leadership in our communities can have the biggest impact. There are many ways you can empower someone. The smallest of actions can make a difference.”

Ndeye Khardiata is a potential Our Way loan recipient

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