Where We Are Requested

*Request for Collaborative, Partnership, and Mentee Support in your village, town or Country.

Over the years Queen Sheba Village has become known for it’s humanitarian volunteering efforts and guidance to Associations, start-up Nonprofits and Ngos.

To be considered and to discuss more, we value our time and do not want to waste yours and only want to work, collaborate and or partnership with serious minded fair leaders whose values and missions are compatible to our own. Reach out and contact us to discuss further if this is your sincere wish.

Where we are requested in Senegal:

  • Fouta-*ongoing collaborations
  • Mboro-* Queen Sheba *Thioune Farming & Agriculture
  • Mbour-* QSV, Inc, Residence &Properties
  • Lac Rose- *Charity Philanthropy
  • Bambilor – Upcoming
  • Sangalkam – Upcoming
  • Mbeye – Upcoming
  • Keur Simbiri – Upcoming

Where we are requested in Africa-

  • Ghana *Regions- Active -project completed, 2021
  • Kwesimintsim- Active -project completed, 2021
  • Bankyease – Active – project completed, 2021

*Morocco – In Discussion

*Sierra Leone

*The Gambia



*Sudan- In Discussion

Where we are Requested In Saudi Arabia

  • Medina – *(Quran/ Arabic Language) 2022 Collaborative Program completed
  • Makkah- * (Quran/ Arabic Language) 2022 Collaborative Program completed
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