Our Team

Creative Founder/ Director Queen S Cisse & OA, Moustapha Thiam

Queen Sheba, Founder/ Creative Director

Queen Sheba D Cisse

Queen Sheba was born and raised in Alabama. While raising five children, Queen Sheba  successfully graduated from Strayer University with degrees in Business Administration and International Marketing and has a diverse background of educational work and experience in USA and Africa. In 2004 Queen Sheba labored in Senegal’s remote villages mentoring impoverished women with a empowering message of hope before QSV Inc. became to be known by villagers in surrounding communities. With a self motivating attitude and perseverance in learning from knowledgeable mentors in the nonprofit arenas she strengthened her educational training at the Foundation Center- Candid in NW Washington DC to continue to advance QSV Inc., which she founded in 2013.

“Every project, program and training we implement we do for women and girls to inspire them to use their knowledge of human basic rights as a point of reference for all our actions in operating in Senegal. We want women and girls no longer to be secondary in development activities concerning their mental and physical growth. I want them to be more directly engaged in their country, and for them to be respected in all matters which has been historically stunted in male ruled societies in Africa. When we serve humanity we serve ourselves”

Ndeye Fatou Thiam, Head Micro Manager

Ndeye F Thiam

QSV women are Micro Finance leaders, not just clients. Ndeye is a pioneer in micro finance and has skillfully worked in the food  and market markets of Dakar for over fifteen years and owns her own boutique. She is a self taught entrepreneur and furthers her craft implementing the QSV Our Way model and now focused on building women’s images of themselves as leaders, helping them identify and capitalize on promotion opportunities something she did not have available years ago. Her contributions includes Financial management and teaching in QSV In -House mentoring program designing technical training for both women and girls to achieve their full potential within the organization and “acts as an organizational catalyst for learning, personal and professional empowerment”.

Princess Abigail Du Bois, SecretaryBoard Member

Princess A DuBois

A graduate of Fortis College, Abigail Du Bois is Treasurer and brings to the table of QSV organization a garden of treasures of strengths including resources, creativity, detailed oriented experience and providing motivational leadership and analytical expertise. Her knowledge of cash management, debt performing tasks, effective solid understanding financial control and budgeting landed her Manager assistant at Quiznos while still in her teens. Ms Du Bois manages all the organization’s internal communications and keep track of board meeting dates, meeting agendas and board of actions. Currently a Manager and Supervisor Pharmacy Technician at Walgreen’s Abigail, was born in the big apple of New York City and received her initial education studying demographics and poverty in particular groups in relationships to people in it using mathematical data for providing problem solving solutions in high school. As a child growing up and aspiring to become a doctor she is pursuing a Pharmaceutical degree which can effectively implement health solutions and provide medical services to impoverished citizens in the motherland of Africa and residing in the Metro DC capital lands her in the most auspicious spot for advanced training. In her spare time Abigail enjoys music, writing, hair design and her precious cat pal Layla.

Mouhamadou M Thiam, Operations Assistant, Sourcer, Recruiter CoordinatorBoard Member

Serigne M. Thiam

Mouhamadou serves a multi-tasked role of Sourcer, Recruiter and Recruiter Coordinator and has accumulated valuable knowledge of hiring requirements and information at his disposal while working in various jobs in Senegal’s bustling city of Dakar alongside colleagues in supportive roles mentioned above. Recognizing talent to initially volunteer for QSV organization brand, he exemplifies a role model of fine Ambassadorship and has been a initial loyal advocate to QSV humanitarian services since a youth in his native village of Kaolack where QSV was founded.  Mustafa speaks and reads fluently french, English, Arabic, Pular and his native Wolof lanquage and interprets for potential candidates seeking to benefit others in the QSV culture and sources candidates externally and negotiates hiring terms. Mouhamadou is currently pursuing a masters in Policy Making at ISDB Institute in Senegal’s capital Dakar, and loves to travel, negotiate sales, research and shares a interest of knowledge in spiritual disciplines.

Fatou Diop, Women & Youth Advisor

Fatima Diop

Fatou serves as volunteer mentor empowering young girls at QSV upcoming “Girls Inspiring Hope” program by providing direct assistance to teenagers, advocating for system change, collaborating with others and utilizing a person-centered, strengths-based, integrated approach to our work.
Fatou is a INFOSLINE TV/Media personality reporter contributing her humanity and sharing stories of the public that moves audiences. In her leisure time Fatou enjoys reading, writing, poetry and helping those whom are impoverished while advocating for human basic rights.

Taaluwt A DuBose, Founder of Awladna Academy, Project Director/Foreign LanguageBoard Member

Mr. DuBose is a content and motivational language professional, skilled in the Arabic language grammar and classical. Taaluwt additionally teaches English to speakers of other languages. Previously teaching and managing youth and adults in classrooms at Queen Sheba Village organization in the states and at community Masjids in the Metro Washington DC/MD/VA area his popularity, passion and recognition for learnt knowledge sets a platform that attracts students and visitors alike. Currently Project Manager at Awladna Academy abroad is the inbound and outbound the Village in Senegal needs to assist the eagar participants young and old at the Women and Girls Social Education Center in the near future. Taaluwt is a graduate with honors from Maryland University with a dual degree in English and Arabic and holds a CELTA( ESL/EFL) .

Abdulai Salifu, Program Manager, Affairs Coordinator

Mr Salifu is head Program Manager and facilitator of affairs in Takoradi, Ghana. Program monitor of administrative projects; maintaining suggestion program and serving as a talented Graphic Designer. Salifu joined QSV organization as a International volunteering Graphic Designer several years ago via QSV supporting partner Giving Way and earned a Certificate in Graphic Designs.

” Playing the sport of football , volley ball and helping people in need are my dear interests”.

 Norman Yau, Treasury, Financial Analyst

“I am passionate about empowerment because everyone should have choices and resources to succeed. This is especially true in developing areas such as Senegal where women’s rights are in the shadows.

I joined QSV in 2018 as a pro-bono consultant to develop a budget and a financial plan. My goal is to apply what I learned in the corporate world to make an impact in non-profits. I want to leverage numbers and metrics to tell a story, and help the public become aware of the situation of women in Senegal.

Aside from QSV, I am a Finance Professional in San Francisco with over 6 years of experience in providing strategic financial insights to Leadership Teams of both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Now I apply my professional experience to scale non-profits that focuses on promoting economic development”. 

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