Our Team

Queen Sheba, Founder/ Creative Director, USA/Senegal

Queen Sheba was born and raised in Alabama. While raising five children, Queen Sheba  successfully graduated from Strayer University with degrees in Business Administration and International Marketing and has a diverse background of educational work and experience in USA and Africa. In 2004 Queen Sheba labored in Senegal’s remote villages mentoring impoverished women with a empowering message of hope before QSV Inc. became to be known by villagers in surrounding communities. With a self motivating attitude and perseverance in learning from knowledgeable mentors in the nonprofit arenas she strengthened her educational training at the Foundation Center- Candid in NW Washington DC to continue to advance QSV Inc., which she founded in 2013.

“Every project, program and training we implement we do for women and girls to inspire them to use their knowledge of human basic rights as a point of reference for all our actions in operating in Senegal. We want women and girls no longer to be secondary in development activities concerning their mental and physical growth. I want them to be more directly engaged in their country, and for them to be respected in all matters which has been historically stunted in male ruled societies in Africa. When we serve humanity we serve ourselves”

Mouhamadou M Thiam, Manager, Facilitator of Affairs, Dakar, SenegalBoard Member

Mr. Thiam is a ISDB (Bac)graduate in Dakar, fluent in several languages including English, French, Arabic and his native Wolof to assist and maintain and serve the multi-functioning departments at Queen Sheba. ” Recruiting qualified others and volunteering my years at foundation QSV is needed because many natives in the country are unfortunately poor in financial means. My skills has grown which makes me feel happy and valued”.

Moustapha M Thiam

Mr Thiam has been a team young leader since early existence prior to the debut of QSV, aiding humanity in the Kaolack region, attending four years in Quranic education in Medina Baye during his twelve years of early primary education and is a high school graduate. He has achieved several educational certificates in Research, Social Work , Human Rights and Fundraising.

Hobbies in business includes micro manager in upscale fine jewelry in downtown Dakar, traveling and extending Quranic studies.

Princess Abigail Du Bois, SecretaryBoard Member, Metro DC,MD,VA

Princess A DuBois

A graduate of Fortis College, Abigail Du Bois is Treasurer and brings to the table of QSV organization a garden of treasures of strengths including resources, creativity, detailed oriented experience and providing motivational leadership and analytical expertise. Her knowledge of cash management, debt performing tasks, effective solid understanding financial control and budgeting landed her Manager assistant at Quiznos while still in her teens. Ms Du Bois manages all the organization’s internal communications and keep track of board meeting dates, meeting agendas and board of actions. Currently a Pharmaceutical Operational Manager at Walgreen’s Abigail, was born in the big apple of New York City and received her initial education studying demographics and poverty in particular groups in relationships to people in it using mathematical data for providing problem solving solutions in high school. As a child growing up and aspiring to become a doctor she is pursuing a Pharmaceutical degree which can effectively implement health solutions and provide medical services to impoverished citizens in the motherland of Africa and residing in the Metro DC capital lands her in the most auspicious spot for advanced training. In her spare time Abigail enjoys music, writing, hair design and her precious cat pal Layla.

Udstadz Taaluwt A DuboseTreasurer of Affairs

Udstadz Taaluwt is a highly committed and accomplished teacher serving as Educational Director of Language Academics at QSV, Inc . A graduate of University of Maryland University College in College Park , Maryland earning a BSBA degree and a Celta certified to teach English to student of other languages and more than fifteen years of experience teaching and supervising volunteering staff in English and Arabic curriculums in United States and abroad, Mr. Dubose heads the department of financial administrative affairs and is the creator of literacy programs particularly for women and children in Senegal and domestic and International students .

Accomplished program developer and evaluator he uses his communication skills to advance the program mission in diverse cultures and related affairs. Additionally he is Head Director of Awladna Academy in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

Ndeye Fatima Thiam, Micro Business Manager, Dakar, Senegal
Sayidatou Fatima Thiam

Madame Fatima serves a role in business entrepreneurship in the (Dakar) Camberene 2 market for 20 years. Managing potential women in the micro credit programs ensures various resources available to women as funding permits. Business minded and self taught are the skills she required naturally along the way expanding her boutique and customers. She teaches, mentors and helps assists the skills of her team.

A beloved mother, wife and grandmother she multi-task volunteering roles working with QSV, aiding humanity, hosts family traditional gatherings including religious, cultural and humanitarian affairs at Queen Sheba.

Abdulai Salifu, Program Manager, Affairs Coordinator, QSV,GHANA

Abdulai Salifu

Mr Salifu is head Program Manager and facilitator of affairs in Takoradi, Ghana. Program monitor of administrative projects; maintaining suggestion program and serving as a talented Graphic Designer. By his recruitment Salifu and team volunteers in Ghana have launched several successful programs benefitting women, children and the senior citizens in Takarodi region communities. Salifu joined QSV organization as a International volunteering Graphic Designer several years ago via QSV supporting partner Giving Way and earned a Certificate in Graphic Designs. ” Playing the sport of football , volley ball and helping people in need are my dear interests”.

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