Our collaborative care to Orphan children are ongoing…

Ongoing charity collaborations


Thank you for returning to participate in our yearly Annual Orphan Care program. We seek yearly ongoing donations to provide food, new clothes and the gift of toys to homeless male children in need. No amount of money or gift is too small to consider to submit for this program. Join QSV to host a Event Feed The Talibes -Children again for the 8th edition to serve them food and drinks for “Ndogou” means breaking fast on Monday April 3. 2023 in Camberene 2 near bamba bakery.

Any and all questions can be submitted to queenshebavillage.inc@gmail.com. Contribute a donation here : Ongoing Charity 2023. Thank you for your generous kind giving.

#GivingTuesday November 29, 2022, SN

Pledge 1 hour of your giving to: #givefood #giveresources #givetime #giveschoolsupplies #givemedicines #giveskills #GIVELOVE #DONATE

Thank You!

Sincerely, Queen Sheba Village Staff Team

COVID-19 Preventative Care

Donations from charity QSV and donors are submitted to our Collaborating partner Lamine Thioune Farming who works on the behalf of street begging children called Taalibes in Senegal. Volunteers such as Lamine , head recruiter Moustapha and participating volunteers are in call to support our children in Senegal. Health and disease educational methods are discussed and taught to young (children) boys. In brief this program workshop addresses preventative care during the horrific pandemic and beyond and the lecture understood by all is to spread awareness of certain repetitive behaviors that leads to dangerous results!

QSV Orphan Care / Health-hygiene care

Items purchased are Hand and body soaps, hand gel sanitizers, drinking water, socks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mini mouthwashes alongside soccer balls.

We seek your support to make a donation to give back more more frequently. #donate #malechildmatters #orphanlife #talibes #giveback #contribute

Thank you!

Please we ask you to raise a helping hand. Thank you!

We often get requests from Associations, Daaras and many widowed women for assistance of some kind of support for their male children and street children called Talibes enrolled in religious schools called Daaras .

This page is dedicated to that service in dire need.

Feed the children…

Community support, collective partnerships and discussing solutions to eradicate male children exploitation.

Senior Elders supporters of QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE, Senegal.

QSV Aiding Humanity collaborates with Associations on the behalf of Talibe children suffering from abuse poverty and neglect. This indeed is where QSV Global Community plays a huge part in as to the HOW we participate our involvement of aiding other nonprofits in Senegal. Elder villagers such as chiefs and teachers join our team efforts.

Village Chief and Founder Queen Sheba Cisse at Kossi Baye, Senegal.

We take pride and honor in serving where it motivates others to do the same. This also is a purpose for us to inspire right-minded action! Village chiefs and leaders and remote communities often invite QSV organization to discuss a need for services and support for a program project for women and children, including Orphans( Talibes) whom often are the most vulnerable.

Covid 19 Prevention -Activity in Mboro
Foods purchased for male children.
Feeding the poor in Camberene, Dakar.

Together let’s contribute a helping hand, aiding humanity!

Food preparation for the Talibes.

There is a estimated of over 100,000 or more male children called Talibes whom some are orphans, homeless or what have you sleeping and begging on the streets in Senegal, West Africa. This sad unfortunate situation is a ugly reality that one can witness from early dawn till dusk at night. We are not here to get involved in the government or politics in this urgent matter but to hear other talk about solutions to support the neighboring nonprofits, ngos and associations whom reach out to us for provisions for them.

All our best to the Talibes of Senegal

More Updates soon…



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