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Say hello and welcome to Pham Thu Tra from Vietnam!
Pham Thu Tra

Meet Pham Thu Tra whom is a inspiring and upcoming writer. We met Pham Thu Tra at Giving Way platform and Giving Way is a partner to QSV organization. Her enthusiasm and humble acceptance to write and share the missionary work of QSV organization is delightful and welcomed! In her own words ”

Since a seventh grader almost dozing off in the class, I have wondered how to create engaging lessons that students never want to skip. This curiosity, couple with my love for languages, led me to open an English class for the kids of my sister’s colleagues in my sophomore year in college. I spent hours researching activities, creating supplementary materials, and structuring the lessons based on the standard curriculum. All the kids were excited and even after the class ended, they kept on practicing speaking daily.

This experience deepened my passion for education and sparked an interest in communication. The process of researching and reading books to enhance the lessons helped me realize how much I love words and stories. I read about and admired a ‘Super Ager’ who started learning to use a computer in her early seventies. I felt the pain of an American accountant when one of his 9 adopted dogs passed away. I jumped for joy when a girl in Czech got sponsored to pursue higher education and her family was supported to open their own shop and sustain themselves so she could focus on her studies. Moments like that help me realize the power of a good story. It connects us with people from across the globe. It broadens our minds and thus, strengthens our empathy for each other.

I want to create stories with this type of power. This desire brings me to GivingWay, and with a bit of luck, to Queen Sheba Village Inc., where people are doing incredible work to increase the wellbeing of women and children in Senegal via education, health, and entrepreneurship programs. I am super excited to start my journey and help the spirits of QSV reach more people” 💜, xoxoxo!

Thank you Pham, welcome to Queen Sheba Village Family!

Queen Sheba Village Ghana Launch, February 27, 2021

Celebrating QSV Ghana 2021

Peace and blessings everyone!

We would like to announce Team Ghana QSV, aiding humanity in the Western Region Takoradi and surrounding communities. For some time we have worked with our fellow neighbor(s) on several projects for the Village in Senegal and now have joined forces because the time is so right to do so after careful planning and meetings filling in discussions and ironing out wrinkled kinks.

QSV “Feed The Poor” program just got expanded from one country to another. We look forward to educate and serve the needy local village women, children including orphans and the elderly. QSV’s best foot forward just got bumped up a humble notch!

Photography speaks what words cannot!
February 8, 2021

Queen Sheba Village is delighted with permission to feature and highlight for Educational purposes, the work of our dear friend International famed Photographer Chet Gordon. Just some of his great images is shown throughout QSV site and share a commonality of location (Senegal) and humanitarian interest where Queen Sheba Cisse visited, labored, lived and still works. We are deeply honored to acknowledge and share who he is and to learn more about his work, visit here .

January 8, 2021
Read the Queen Sheba Village Case Study conducted by our Partner Taproot Foundation here. Thanks Taproot Foundation for aiding our journey to success.

SUDANESE VOICE (pt 2) January 1, 2021

“She is admirably friends to Sudanese citizens residing in America”.
QUEEN SHEBA of Senegal Supports Women’s Economic Empowerment.
Freelance Journalist Photographer, NADRA ALMAHDI of SUDANESE VOICE

The SUDANESE VOICE News held an interview with one of the successful African women figures who represents a bright face of African women in the humanitarian and charitable field in which she tells her story and the story of her organization which works in areas that her community needs in Senegal and in the African continent and aims with her contribution and works for the good of her society. By all accounts, she is an inspiring woman, and talking to her and about her mission is an inspiring issue that deserves to be shed light on, so that we can get to know her and the great work she does.

Queen Sheba, we are pleased to introduce you to our readers, so would you please introduce yourself to them?
My name is Queen Sheba D Cisse. Cisse from my late husband, the Imam, scholar and Sheikh Assane Alioune Cisse Aliu from Medina Baye region Kaolack, Senegal, West Africa. It is his beautiful benediction from day 1 when we first met in Washington DC years ago foretold to me about my mission in Senegal to assist the impoverished people.
Where were you born and raised?
The country in which I was born and raised is Mobile, Alabama, USA.
We want to know about the name Saba and where it came from?
My beloved father is Archbishop James Edward DuBois Sr, and he is a Christian Bishop.
He gave me the name of Queen Sheba at birth, and we are educated enough to know that the name of Queen Saba is Belqis mentioned in the Holy Quran and the Holy Bible.
My father loved the name of Queen Saba (Sheba) and the story of the Prophet Solomon and Queen Belqis (Saba) and when I was born, he gave me this name for the beneficial blessings.
As far as we know, you are in head of the Queen Sheba Village Charitable Association, would you please tell us more about this organization?
I am the founder of the Queen Sheba Village (QSV) Nonprofit organization to support exclusively Senegalese women and families in my ancestral country. In 2013, a Nonprofit organization was established in the United States.
With the backing of family members including son Mouhamadou Thiam a unique Senegalese charity is born.
What is the reason behind the establishment of this organization?
The reason behind the establishment of the Queen Sheba Village Organization is to serve humanity through contributions to finance educational knowledge, supplies and health, basic medicines, school supplies, small loans for women to start businesses, and information education classes and to end harmful practices for girls such as female genital cutting, gender equality, ending violence against women, and more. Queen Sheba Cisse manages and operates the charity in Queen Sheba’s village to help secure economic and social care for women, girls, children and orphans in rural and remote areas of Senegal. It is important to mention my public service initially was created and administered in the states before my journey home to Senegal.
As Queen Sheba Village is aiding Humanity, can we know it’s Vision?
When empowered women can financially support themselves and their families, they
are ensured health, secured education, child protection and upward mobility in society.
Infant mortality is reduced. As prosperous business owners, these women are also
better able to contribute to their own communities to combat unemployment, poverty, hunger, and violence.
What about the Mission?
The Queen Sheba Village (QSV) U.S. 5٨01 (c)(3) non-profit organization has a two-part
effort to aid women in communities throughout Senegal, West Africa:- QSV offers
ongoing events to aid, educate and advance women and the rest of community, such
as organizing health, education and food and clothing drives in various communities
throughout the country.
QSV offers women classes and workshops in small business entrepreneurship, such
as micro-credit economics, health care and advanced education. This education will
allow women to enter into a business that will allow them to care for themselves and
to contribute back to their community in a significant and impactful way.

Regarding to your activities, what you have accomplished and how you continue to serve?
Queen Sheba Village, Inc. has been in operation nearly 9 years, but has only
become a US non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization in 2013, it has effectively served hundreds of impoverished women and children in our health/hygiene events and in our educational and development school supply program which our caring FREE assistance is geared toward sustainable progress. QSV accomplishes its mission by offering FREE workshop training meetings geared to educate the potential leaders on the basic skills need to implement future events projects and ongoing programs so they may have the best impact effectively suited to meet the needs of each individual being served. QSV encouraging the youth to partake in the opportunity of a lifetime making a difference.
Furthermore we are assisted by local and international volunteers who offer their skill
and talent to the organization on a temporary or long term agreement.We ask your viewing readers to join and participate in our Women and Girls educational training Development Classes geared toward self sufficiency in management for micro credit loan start-up businesses. Volunteering is available to anyone anywhere qualified to fulfill the tasks he or she is assigned to complete.

On what did Queen Sheba Village focus?
Queen Sheba Village is focused to create conditions in which families are economically stable and better connected to Greater Senegal. Let us say with clarity we desire to help those in need by their full participation via education.
Over the years we have re-written and added several programs . A handout is easy and never our intention to support women. Giving fish is and teaching to fish are entirely two different things. Working to advance oneself is admirable and respected. That is the QSV way of enlightening and encouraging others. We would aspire to self determination to fulfill a satisfaction of success in whatever the participant wants to accomplish.

What additionally can we know about Queen Sheba Village for the future?
With the help of almighty God we are collecting funds to build a safe happy haven Women and Girls Education Empowerment social center to help advance the deserving individuals we love to serve. Progress of the build has slowed somewhat due to the unfortunate pandemic but steps are steadily increasing.
How may one donate to Queen Sheba Village?
Visit us at our website mentioned below and click the tab “About The Project-Women & girls Education Empowerment Social Center. There are several donating options available. Also we ask that readers share about this project on their social media platforms and spread the good word. QSV is on most popular social media platforms.
What do you know about Sudan?
I met and got to know Sudanese citizens who have resided in the United States of America, New York for more than 30 years in Metropolitan, Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. While living and working in New York, I also met an African American family who are related to direct descendant of the family of late Sayyid Al Hadi Abdul Rahman Al Mahdi from Sudan. I am always happy to learn about Sudanese culture and lifestyle from meeting different people along the way from such an interesting country.
Because I am a teacher, I admire and respect education especially with regard to Islamic African countries, including Sudan. Hope to learn more GOD willing, for Sudan and be of some support for the people only with the permission of GOD almighty.
How may one contact you regarding to your organization?
The web address is and we can be reached at
Thank you and best wishes to you and Queen Sheba charity
Your most welcome, thank you for the opportunity.
[1]*News story, (pt2) Nadra AlMahdi, SUDANESE VOICE

[1] Images(story) Courtesy of QSV, Inc Senegal/USA

SUDANESE VOICE, December 17, 2020

Queen Sheba Cisse is invited and honored to give her voice to Sudanese Voice News written by writer Nadra Al Mahdi of Sudan.

We women of the Sudanese region have wishes and desiring to have the support of charity Queen Sheba Village a Senegalese NGO working to uplift rural women in Senegal to a better life for themselves in their children and may that drive for prosperity benefit to Sudanese women and their families. A economic program may well follow in the way of goodness for contribution and collaboration by God’s divine will. Thank you Queen Sheba for this day and to organization Queen Sheba Village.

*Note. This Interview can be read fully here on QSV, aiding humanity (blog).

Founder Queen Sheba Cisse invited to Sudanese Voice, Sudan.

December 1, 2020 QSV Giving Tuesday

Together we give. Learn how your generosity makes a difference
on #GivingTuesday: Help Build A Women and Girls Education Empowerment – GlobalGiving. #givingtuesday2020 #givingthanks #givingback #donating #sharingiscaring #dec12020. Thank you.

Happy #WomenEntrepreneurshipDay! November 15, 2020

My mother Daisy Lee taught me savvy ideas in thinking, writing and I may say business, she is known for being thoughtful and deliberate about any deal she entered into. She used her independent, entrepreneurial spirit to influence her associates to sell her boutique wares and real estate properties. She taught her children to build something, anything successful for yourself and to leave a signature of importance behind.

At Queen Sheba we are an all volunteering team that works, dreams and does everything together. We sail the ship and pitch in our talents, ideas and skills and keep the waves however big or small flapping and give to others our time, commitment and share what we feel very close to our hearts on many levels.

Today I am taking the time to honor and celebrate my beloved mother who constantly give me the fire of inspiration to give back to community aiding humanity domestically and internationally and acknowledging myself to have learned to be a good listener to her wisdom and sound advice.

We hope that if you have some time that you may like to visit us by email or phone contact , read the content here on our site and volunteer or donate and help share our mission and vision with others in your social media circle.

We are appreciative and realize how truly blessed we are to use this platform to strive to make the world a better place advocating for women and girls and families in the land of hospitality, Senegal. West Africa.

#Queen Sheba D Cisse #Entrepreneurship #Philanthropy #Author #Financier #ReturnToGlory #QueenShebaVillage

Kicking Up the Dust with Host Dr. Rhonda D. Jones July 16, 2020

A informed evening chat with founder of QSV, Inc Queen Sheba Cisse

Guest Founder, Creator Director Queen Sheba D Cisse

Inter Press Service(IPS) July 9, 2020

Queen Sheba Village work to bring awareness to FGC ,Gender Base Violence and education in article from World Pulse Journalist Stella Paul.

Women of Senegal and Human Rights

QSV International Women Day Celebrated 24/7/365 March 8, 2020


December 30, 2019

Documentaire Queen Sheba D Cisse – Infosline TV

Known to many in Senegal, “lovely mom” of Organization Queen Sheba Village


image001QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE , celebrated, honored and featured during Taproot Foundation Pro Bono week.

This week, as Taproot celebrates #ProBonoWeek, we want to say thank you. Thank you for being members of our community, thank you for opening yourself up to pro bono support, and thank you for the amazing work you’re doing to make our world a kinder place. QSV Instagram (1)

QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE Earns GuideStar’s Highest Seal of Transparency
Platinum Seal Allows Donors to Focus on Progress and Results

May 6, 2019

Press Release

Cheverly, MD QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE Organization today earned a 2019 Platinum Seal of Transparency, the highest level of recognition offered by GuideStar, the world’s largest source of nonprofit information. By sharing metrics that highlight progress QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE is making toward its mission, the organization is helping donors move beyond simplistic ways of nonprofit evaluation such as overhead ratios.

“In accordance with our long-held belief in being transparent about our work,” said Director- Founder Queen Sheba Cisse, “we are excited to convey our organization’s results in a user-friendly and highly visual manner. By updating our GuideStar Nonprofit Profile to earn a Platinum Seal, we can now easily share a wealth of up-to-date organizational metrics with our supporters as well as GuideStar’s immense online audience, which includes donors, grantmakers, our peers, and the media.”

To reach the Platinum level, QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE  added extensive information to its GuideStar Nonprofit Profile: basic contact and organizational information; in-depth financial information; qualitative information about goals, strategies, and capabilities; and quantitative information about results and progress toward its mission. By taking the time to provide this information, QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE has demonstrated its commitment to transparency and to giving donors and funders meaningful data to evaluate nonprofit performance.

“I encourage you to visit our Nonprofit Profile on GuideStar to see what we’re all about,” added Queen Sheba Cisse. “We’re thrilled that our Platinum Seal of Transparency and the associated benefits help us better communicate our organization’s exciting initiatives at a global scale.”

Queen Sheba Village (QSV) focuses on the well being of women and girls in rural Senegal and their educational economic welfare in Senegal, West Africa.

News Contact: QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE, INC, Metro Maryland(DC/VA) 301 433 2168


Queen Sheba Village

Press Release

Happy International Women’s Day!

Washington DC March 8, 2019


The transformative energectic inspiration of girls and women is undeniable. It is time for compatible partners to invest wisely, invest together, and invest often in organizations with missions and visions reflecting their own agenda.

Funding for girls and women is particularly lacking in business, banking, financial services, social welfare services, building shelters, and funding projects and on and on. Far to many nonprofits, associations and nongovernment organizations are struggling to support the actions and causes they have invested in. At QSV aiding humanity organization we invest in ourselves and mirror the change we want to see in other like-minded women who want to make a impact and a difference in their countries and communities. Partnerships domestic and international one step at a time.


African American In Africa Article


An Ancestral Home: Why One African American Relocated To Senegal

Meet Queen Sheba, a published author and the founder of a nonprofit operating in Dakar, Senegal. Love and a calling for service led her to become an African American living in Africa.

Where can we follow your experience? 

Facebook: Queen Sheba Village
Twitter @queenshebacisse


Press Release


The “Caring Show” is a prestigious pan African talk show for women that airs on the national television network LCF (La Chaine du Future) in Togo, also known as the Togolese Republic in West Africa. The show is an hourly, bimonthly program that places women at the center of public debate. The edition was produced in partnership with the Togolese Diaspora of the USA and was named CARING SHOW – DTUSA.

The topics of the two episodes were: 1) The impact of the Diaspora in the economy of Togo, and 2) The role of the Togolese diaspora in the education of young girls in Togo.


Queen Sheba, Founder of the Nonprofit Queen Sheba Village organization based in Senegal, West Africa was invited to share information about her mission to improve the conditions of women and girls through providing educational opportunities, workshops, training in micro finance, literacy programs, health & hygiene resources and more. This service seeks to empower women and girls in Senegal while aiding them in making informed decisions for gaining control over vital aspects of their lives such as future education for themselves and future generations.

On the continent of Africa the common mutual agreement between the various countries and cultures continues to be that of empowering and investing in girls and women as part of a global solution for us all now and in the future.


The show was followed by a dinner reception at Fraser Mansion featuring Togolese dishes.

Queen Sheba Village

Press Release

Happy International Women’s Day!

Queen Sheba Village Supports the End of Female Genital Mutilation!

Maryland, USA March 8th 2016

Queen Sheba Village focuses on the well being of women and children in rural Senegal, West Africa. Our education, health, and business-building programs help impoverished women become financially independent. We seek to create conditions where small villages are modernized,economically stable and better connected to the Greater Senegal. Queen Sheba Village also advocates for the end of female genital mutilation and is interested in forming partnerships with other organizations that advocate the liberation of women on a global scale.

Female Genital Mutilation is a procedure that intentionally alters the female genital organ for non-medical reasons in order to control a woman’s “chastity”. This harmful practice is carried out on young African girls sometimes from infancy and can even be forced on adult women. Anyone who supports the end of the practice can collaborate with QSV in spreading awareness. Join us this Women’s Day and become a member of Queen Sheba Village for life where you too can work towards ending female genital mutilation.

In order to continue to advance the rights of Senegalese women and children we are in the process of building our own office headquarters in Senegal. Anyone interested in supporting our building fundraiser may mail a contribution to QSV, Inc.  Although our base of operations is in the United States it is vital to have a permanent presence so that Senegalese women and children have constant access to life-changing resources. Feel welcomed to subscribe to our YouTube channel where we upload video clips of the different programs we offer to the women and children of Senegal.



For information or questions, please contact:

Queen Sheba Inc USA/Senegal

Press Releases 2016

Founder Queen Sheba Cisse’s New book, Return To Glory!

New Release: Return to Glory Travel Guide

I first met Sister Queen Sheba D. Cisse nearly eight years ago through Muslimah Writers Alliance (MWA), the internationally based group for Muslim women writers that we both belong to, and I use the word “met” loosely since it was more of a virtual meeting than an actual physical meeting. Nevertheless, the connection was immediate and strong. Sister Sheba, who I affectionately refer to as Umi, is a beautiful force for good in this world, and Allah Ta’aala knows best.

Her work with Queen Sheba Village Inc. (QSV) was and remains inspiring. It was uplifting to hear about the works, services and goods that she and her organization provide to villages throughout Senegal. For this reason she often travels between the U.S. and Africa, transporting goods and visiting with her large, global family, and in accordance with her very nurturing spirit, she came up with the idea of writing a travel book. Needless to say, when she approached me for help in publishing, I was all for it! And al-hamdulilah, the book is now a reality!

Return to Glory: A Travel Guide For African Americans Returning To Roots is more than just a travel guide, it’s an invitation to African Americans, the descendants of the displaced by the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and to all people of various cultures and ethnicities, to return to their place of birth – the cradle of humanity. Sister Sheba extends her hand, and shares her experience with the readers, leading us along the journey home with wisdom, humor, expertise and warmth.


In this introduction to the country of Senegal, you will discover the language, food and culture of the land while receiving a crash course in travel rules and etiquette. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the trip!

From the book description:

Return to Glory: A Travel Guide for African Americans Returning to Roots is a book that has been written with joy because it acknowledges our ancestors that have played an important role in our spiritual growth as a people. We believe that the ancestors are alive in another dimension and that they play an important role for us, whether it be through angelic mentorship or as spiritual advisors. It was important for me to honor the souls who have paved the way for me to return to the African continent.

Much more than a mere travel guide, Return to Glory offers a wide range of information about travelling to the African continent, particularly to Senegal. You can learn about Senegalese culture and cuisine, get advice about what to pack and how to prepare for the journey, and receive a first-hand account of what it is like to return to the Motherland. The travel guide is also filled with vibrant photographs and beautiful illustrations that transport the reader to a land that he or she may not have had the opportunity to see before.

Queen Sheba D. Cisse believes that humanity is Africa and invites the readers to join her in respectfully glorifying our humble beginnings. During these challenging modern times, many are struggling with race relations and identity, and large segments of people of African descent are seeking solutions to the particular challenges that they are experiencing. The topics presented within the book propel individuals to look within: until you know where you come from, there is no way of knowing where you are going. Return to Glory fulfills a sense of purpose.

Queen Sheba D. Cisse is often asked about her travels to Africa and what’s it’s like there. Her response is to plan to visit for yourself, without hesitation or fear. She hopes that Return to Glory will inspire many to embrace a homeland that is welcoming and spiritual fulfilling.

You can find her on Facebook at:



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