Raise A Helping Hand

QSV USA Office Metro DC/MD/VA: , 301 433 2168, 240 392 0250

QSV Senegal Dakar Headquarters : 001 221 76 460 4454, 001 221 78 442 1373

Email: www.queenshebavillage.inc@gmail.com

QSV Aiding Humanity collaborates with Associations on the behalf of Talibe children suffering from abuse poverty and neglect. This indeed is where QSV Global Community plays a huge part in as to the HOW we participate our involvement of aiding other nonprofits in Senegal. Elder villagers such as chiefs and teachers join our team efforts.


The above photos are from programs and events we served and visited communities in Senegal. We are featured in Pikene taking pride and honor in serving where it motivates others to do the same. This also is a purpose for us to inspire right-minded action! Village chiefs and leaders and remote communities often invite QSV organization to discuss a need for services and support for a program project for women and families whom often are the most vulnerable in their regions . 

Volunteering is good, those whom commit are GREAT! ~ QSV, Inc Team

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