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Post Corona Virus and beyond Care
  • Update as of 7/2021 , QSV has combined our Health & hygiene program together with this ongoing preventative program. Times and date listed below have change and will continue to change as we realize that this ongoing crisis is a unpredictable one. Our Intentions as aiders of humanity is to submit to GOD’s will and continue to fundraise for money that will keep the project well stocked with related supplies into the future. Thank you for your donations and understanding. Your support is appreciated. Keep checking back for updates. All previous text written below remain as is! Thank you!

Senegal and other African countries have been warned that the spread of COVID-19 could intensify in regions that lack the infrastructure to plan to keep children and it’s citizens healthy. Point blank frankly that is significant huge amounts of rural and remote regions all throughout Senegal and the continent for sure!

How we plan to EngageUpcoming Education Event Planning In Progress!

Early Winter 2021 QSV plans to hold bi-weekly events in specific challengeable villages in Senegal. We have been informed and educated about the ways in which this killer invisible corona enemy attacks innocent victims and have supportive prevention strategies in place. QSV previous experience implementing our health & hygiene events in the past contributes life-saving information in culturally ignored norms will be a great benefit to the participants.

We are continuously educating our communities to respond to COVID-19.

Prevention Covid 19

QSV Alert Corona Virus events will help prevent the spread of COVID-19. In this particular event educators will teach by actual physical demonstration and explain in discussion what measures one should take in wearing masks, social distancing , wearing gloves when absolutely necessary and the practicing of washing hands throughout the day. Additionally we will provide FREE educational brochures as a study take home reminder guide as well all the health supplies mentioned above.

This upcoming 2022 Educational event will be ongoing until funding and supplies run out. Please stay advised here and on our social media on date, time and location which will be announced as times nears to winter March 2022.

We need your support to help make this event possible here. Thank you!

Our partner communities make health, hygiene, and disease prevention a priority in their  communities. This important topic is ongoing.

During this COVID-19 health crisis, participants have put into practice to implement precautions to be mindful of dangerous behaviors attributing to this disease. The right to understand about their children’s health and their right to be free from all forms of violence, about hygiene, and how diseases are spread and prevented. They also discuss the health risks of harmful practices that is caused by Covid-19 and the plea for support of more donated supplies to help prevention such as sanitizer gels, face masks, and hand and body soaps.

What’s at Stake – Teaching Preventative Solutions.
Harmful practices and lack of awareness about hygiene put communities’ health at risk, particularly for women and girls.

We aim to hold more educational workshops and provide essential health/hygiene kits to the families affected and to prevent the pandemic by preventative measures at all costs. Funding is greatly need to carry the task to success.

Before COVID-19 we held Health & hygiene workshop and event twice a year as funds allowed by educating mothers about disease prevention. We have collaborated with doctors whom were in attendance to aide in teaching about the proper dosage of medicines for fever in children, headaches,etc.Educational phamplets and demostrations were given and shown to the mothers as what is normal and what is a red flag to visit the clinic or hospital as need be.

With adequate funding our program encourages community members to share the knowledge they gain about health and human rights with their social networks. QSV Communities often and expect to increase specific initiatives to improve child and maternal health in their villages. They raise awareness on the importance of vaccinations as well as take action to improve community hygiene and prevent diseases such as malaria and common illnesses that are distrimental to the health of their families.

QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE has a volunteering staff on the grounds in Senegal. For more than 7 years volunteering staff have supported community local village based programs and events capacity building serving and benefiting a estimated 20 thousand individuals and reaching far more people. Empowered community regions in these areas can be the difference between survival and defeat of human life.

Here in rural Senegal too many people experience negative results if they do not perform expected group behaviors such as hugging, shaking hands and frequent praying group gatherings and home visitations. These same behaviors accelerate the spread of COVID-19.
This reality is these cultural behaviors are normal and difficult to release. The basic water needed to keep children and families clean lack and sanitizing gels and wipes are basically non-existing. Many families are overcrowded in live, cook and sleep in tight scramped spaces. Certain district areas have been shut down by the government and naturally heads of households will search a way out to the public to provide to feed their already poor households.

The bottom line is we need volunteers on the grounds to get into action to educate by passing out educational brochures and spread the word and in while doing so be protected with the proper masks, sanitizing gels and gloves to properly perform these dilligent much needed duties. Below is precise amount of funding that is needed and how it will be used.

Please contribute now to raise funds mentioned below on a monthly basis and keep  staff employed for six months or more as social norms and prevention ambassadors. These trusted allies provide myriad support at the level of their own communities.

  • The QSV volunteers pledge to collect and seek donations to Queen Sheba Village organization COVID-19 Community Fund to benefit and support communities in need during the health crisis.
Now in Affect! Fundraising , Collecting Supplies to Prevent Corona Virus, We Need your Support Now!

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