Supportive assistance to prevent COVID-19

Senegal and other African countries have been warned that the spread of COVID-19 could intensify in regions that lack the infrastructure to plan to keep children and it’s citizens healthy. Point blank frankly that is significant huge amounts of rural and remote regions all throughout Senegal and the continent for sure!

QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE has a small volunteering staff five workers in all. Three whom live and work outside of Dakar and two whom work in Metro DC, USA. For more than 7 years volunteering staff have supported community local village based programs and events capacity building serving and benefiting a estimated 20 thousand individuals and reaching far more people. Empowered community regions in these areas can be the difference between survival and defeat of human life.

Here in rural Senegal too many people experience negative results if they do not perform expected group behaviors such as hugging, shaking hands and frequent praying group gatherings and home visitations. These same behaviors accelerate the spread of COVID-19.

This reality is these cultural behaviors are normal and difficult to release. The basic water needed to keep children and families clean lack and sanitizing gels and wipes are basically non-existing. Many families are overcrowded in live, cook and sleep in tight scramped spaces. Certain district areas have been shut down by the government and naturally heads of households will search a way out to the public to provide to feed their already poor households.

The bottom line is we need volunteers on the grounds to get into action to educate by passing out educational brochures and spread the word and in while doing so be protected with the proper masks, sanitizing gels and gloves to properly perform these dilligent much needed duties.

Please contribute now to raise total $1,500.00 and keep  staff employed for three months as social norms and prevention ambassadors. These trusted allies provide myriad support at the level of their own communities.

Fatima Diop, Dakar, Senegal

$1,500 will support three(3)member through 3 months in Senegal

Abigail Du Bois , Metro DC/ Maryland USA

$ 4,000 will support 2 (two) in Metro DC Maryland to maintain office operations USA and Senegal.

Moustapha Thiam, Dakar,

$400 will keep one QSV Head team members engaged as a prevention ambassador for one month in Senegal, this will cover also meals and transportation.

QSV Office Suite, Dakar, Senegal

$5000.00 will support the re-opening of QSV office Suite in Dakar. This will support the rent fees, office supplies, utilities including Wifi and refreshments often served to guest and potential volunteers to be registered from our partner @Giving Way locally and Internationally.

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