Where We Work

Queen Sheeba Village Flyer-01 (1)QSV works in rural (remote) locations (villages) where there is a dire need. In the past QSV has served in Kaolack, Medina Baye, Sara, Pikene, Risfisque, Diourbel, Shams and other villages. The QSV office headquarters is currently located in Senegal’s Capital Dakar, at Camberene. View our map above and the list below for further information.

Where We Work:

Metro DC/MD/VA Our official headquarters in America where we spread the awareness of QSV activities and causes to the public working constantly to benefit the disadvantaged in Senegal. We educate others on how challengeable the work is abroad and with that comes a fulfillment of gratitude when you see the very happy smiles on the faces of many whom are benefiting on the efforts well done. Our volunteers are 100% committed here in the states, Senegal and from where ever they may be assisting QSV from on the planet. Thumbs up to gratitude appreciated!

Pennsylvania – Collaboration research in education sponsorship.

Fouta Toro– QSV Partners with Association Islamic Solidarity Education Development (AISED) in Medical Education and Distribution Program(s) At Daara Halaybe Village.

The Fouta extends from Dagana to Bakel. It includes 2 regions, that of Saint Louis with
for Podor department and that of Matam with the city of Kanel as department. Bakel
is also a department that is part of the Tambacounda region.

Camberene- Micro Finance Women  Workshop Trainings and opportunities

Dakar- QSV current Office location, Administrative  Affairs, etc

Touba- Distribution of School Supplies

Diourbel – Distributon of School Supplies

        Sara- Art & Humanities education workshop

Kaolack –11828606_10206350549635453_8401207746840923102_n

  • is a large city and regional capital. This is the location QSV initiated specifically the Medina Baye city where we started pre-Nonprofit status in 2005! Our main office was located here, under the advise and guidance of the beloved late Islamic Scholar Shaykh Imam Assane (May Almighty GOD be pleased with his humanitarian contributions and many missions to society)in the African American Islamic Institute that he Founded. All plans and ideas for QSV were discussed and documented here!
  • Research planning and door to door meetings in the houses of women discussions about the issues, challenges and needs faced in the communities.
  • Micro-Entrepreneurship program was implemented and carried out.
  • QSV provided sponsorship in advocation for funding the African American Islamic School projects and its Affairs.
  • Shams Community benefited in our 2011 and 2012 Health/hygiene project event held there.
  • Project Education and Medical Event 2014 at The African American  Islamic School Medical/education program event.
  • Serving religious Chiefs and families medical supply drive initiatives 2005-2013

QSV works in remote rural villages where there is a requested need to aide impoverished locals whom have sought us out by social media, other nearby villages and communities and simply word of mouth.We partner with communities to implement our (EEW) Education  Empowerment Workshops in Senegal.

We served 7 main villages and several nearby communities in the surrounding areas

We’ve gathered 200 volunteer and fan participants collectively since our founding in 2012.

An estimated 5500+ lives have been impacted since our founding

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