Get Involved

Skilled volunteers may apply here onsite below or to our partner Taproot Foundation for any opportunities listed.

Making a difference 2023!

Volunteerism is a key component of QSV’s strategy, and we seek to align much of our volunteerism focus areas of hunger, spreading awareness of Female Genital Cutting (FGC) and health and hygiene alongside Micro -entrepreneurship . We believe that by focusing our dollars, time and talent, we can help our partnering participants make an even bigger impact in these four areas. We would like to know what volunteer skills you have available related to your interest /request in becoming a resourceful team member, as our volunteers are interested in volunteering at their highest levels of contribution. We are very interested in skills-based individuals, as they allow us to offer our participants the most competitive asset — their talent to become self independent and be able to contribute to society paying efforts learned forward.

QSV, Inc offers rewards Incentives to volunteers.

Apply to Volunteer

The QSV team understands that not everyone has the resources or ability to volunteer at events or to donate monetary support. You can, however, support QSV by getting involved to the best of your ability. Volunteer remotely from anywhere in the world! Additionally contact message to apply to volunteer your skills to help support the causes we offer to rural Senegalese communities.

International Volunteer Nguyen Yen Lihn from Vietnam
International Volunteer Ashu Abey Samuels from Cameroon
  • Host events to aid, educate and advance women in rural communities.

  • Provide free school supplies to children in rural villages.

  • Donate hygiene products for women, children and men during public health events.

  • Offer classes and workshops on micro-credit economics, healthcare and entrepreneurship

Whether that be attending our resource meetings or sharing information about QSV through social media or by supporting us with your reviews of our events and services.

Founder Queen Sheba discusses solutions with Associations that are willing to collaborate efforts in their communities.

*For Volunteers visiting Senegal 2023

Currently we are in NEED of Fundraisers to help donating support to #ProjectMbour. This opportunity can be done from the comfort of your own home or office. If you are visiting Dakar this Winter or Spring and you have the skills you are more than welcome to apply, however we DO NOT provide Airfare , train fare , nor bus fair traveling to Senegal from whatever country/direction you are coming from. We DO NOT provide lodging, hotel accommodations, etc. 

QSV DO provide the following- daily lunch w/drinks on assignment(s), wifi and or phone credit, T-shirt and (office supplies if needed) and a Tour visit to site Risfisque and #ProjectLacRose. Welcome to contact by (e-mail) and call the numbers provided here on site for further questions and clarification. 

Thank you!

The team at work in Touba, Senegal distributing boys and girls school supplies.

You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and review the QSV organization on the Great NonProfits website to show your support. You may contact us directly for more information about how you can help. Give Today!

Review Queen Sheba Village, Inc on Great Nonprofits

QSV Ghana Health Medical Event 2021 Kwesimintsim Community

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