Become A Sponsor to Help Build A Women and Girls Education Empowerment Social Center

$ponsor Project Mbour

We have set a goal to raise $37,000 (1st phase) to expand our impact so that the most hard-to-reach women and girls in rural regions receive the resources they need to get an micro loan(women) and literacy language(girls and boys) be equipped with the confidence to make their own healthy life decisions. Your support will ensure that every one in our program is supported through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic which is unfortunately ongoing up to now.

QSV Project QSV, Senegal

Interested in Sponsoring Project QSV? Sponsorship opportunities range from $500 to $10,000 and we would be thrilled to work with any individual(s) or organization interested in magnifying their impact. To learn more about event sponsorships, please contact

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