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$ponsor a basket and help *Feed The People this day and everyday at Queen Sheba Villages.

It’s that time of the year again and we are Thanking all of you donors, friends and lover fans for your support and we NEED it now more than you know. Blessed upcoming Holidays is upon us and we are grateful to meet it. 🥳🤩😊. Donate and $ponsor a food basket and support impoverished communities. Contact us here to* $ponsor a basket and make a donation to this year and beyond year 2022. Thank You!

Please share and participate in the plea for food support help to “Feed the People ” and reward in the blessings from GOD. Thank you!🗣☝💲


“In Senegal we are concerned with the knowledge of learning via education how production, consumption and the transfer of prosperity produces a means of modest livlihood supporting vulnerable populations”

QSV Women Empowerment
QSV Inspiring Girls

QSV “Male Child Matters ” Ophan Care

Agriculture Farms – Feeding people, Building Assets!

Agriculture is the science and art of cultivating plants and livestock. Agriculture is the key development in the rise of human civilization yesterday, today and forever as long as humans live on this planet. Founder, entrepreneur Queen Sheba Cisse launches Agriculture Farming(AF) project this spring Ramadan 2022 in Mboro and the timing is perfect. This project will nourish and feed the recipients of the village attached to causes we are passionate about, aiding humanity! Let seed the fruits and vegetables and reap the plentiful harvest. Indeed! Please donate whatever you can to support AF during this difficult time in history. Thank you for your support.

Project Partnerships ensures food security. Mboro Farms

Seeking to educate Senegalese populations, QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE (QSV) implements its Education Programs sharing and teaching information regarding how to prevent the spread of illnesses including Covid-19, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle eating and preparing foods and how to meet the health needs of children. Even more importantly, the benefits from this educational programs has grown exponentially as these women pass down health and wellness practice to their children. One of the biggest tragedies in Senegal is that many of the diseases we see are preventable and treatable. Access to health and economic education remains a major challenge and life or death can hinge on how soon a individual reaches a clinic or hospital which is very often many miles away from rural areas.

QSV expanding Women operational support in Ghana!

QSV Ghana Feeding The Poor Distribution Program , Bankyease Community 2021

Annual Feeding The Poor Programs before, during and after Ramadan

QSV volunteers Feeding the Poor. Pikene

Education– Workshop Trainings

In Senegal our workshops is often scheduled at a university classroom , one of our volunteers residences or the later under a shaded tree on a sunny hot day where we engage in a several types of interactive trainings where participants carry out a number of training activities and discussions where others join in and share ideas and expertise rather than passively listen to a lecture or presentation. All of this stimulate women to share their experiences thus creating more opportunities inspiring women to learn and develop skills that were laying dormant.

Before we hold a event volunteers male and female meet and plan out prescisely time, date and location and we fund raise the means to collectively make it happen

Children Education School Supply Distribution, Touba
QSV Preparation Training , Dakar

Entrepreneurship opportunities– Creating jobs!

QSV micro-credit program is aimed at borrowers with little or NO collateral, credit, income, and resources. A QSV microloan enables Senegalese women who are capable and trained to pursue their dream, support the family as well as being transparent in business alongside being responsibility upholding to accountability in business. Most often all is needed is a small investment of $100-$500.00 to invest in the business of which she chooses. These tiny loans produce some big results: increases income, and the faith that they can take charge of their own life.

In the beginning the idea “Fashion with purpose”came  to mind to patronize our women in Senegal by purchasing the fabrics and then reselling the wares here in the states to fund programs and event back home in Senegal. QSV Micro Finance, Our Way! was born. Take a look!

International Volunteers Strengthens QSV Operations: Location: Kaolack Region
Maryland, USA

Pure water – Sustaining life!

The importance of water in Senegal can’t be emphasized enough and clean water is a plus when there are many areas inside of urban regions where having access to water period is a huge problem! We are very proud of distributing thousands of water packs to thirty citizens. Let’s Give More!

Health and WellBeing

Millions of citizens have to resort to health assistance or there is a complete lack of any assistance and you must be ready to face financial payments before services of treatments.

The nation’s health care system operates on three levels – Health Posts, District Health Centres, and Regional Hospitals. Hospitals are available and there are a small number of private health clinics. There are many challenges to Senegal’s health care system but moderate strides are forthcoming.

To put it frankly, the healthcare services in Senegal are of extremely low quality, primarily due to the substandard infrastructure of health facilities. Medical facilities in the country are unable to cover the entire population and frequently suffer from severe overcrowding. It is seriously worse in rural areas of the country.

Since our beginning we have participated in health drive consultations. Supporters and donors alike purchase and donate basic medicines to our door and we distribute to those parent heads of households in need as well educate them on the medicines they are receiving.

Please continue to Give Today.

Thank you, Dreridieuf, Merci, Shukran .

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